Brief Introduction to Department of Overseas Cooperation and Exchange, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

  Education internationalization is an inevitable trend of the development of higher education under the social background of New Century Globalization as well as an important opportunity to deepen educational reform and to realize leap-forward development. Inheriting the educational philosophy of cultivating international talents, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NJUPT) fully promotes international cooperation and exchange through the platform of Chinese-foreign education program in order to promote the process of NJUPT internationalization, especially with universities abroad.
  NJUPT has established long-term cooperative relationship with many universities and research institutes of 16 countries including USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Russia, Australia, Japan, Singapore as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan areas. More than 800 professionals and scholars have visited NJUPT and given lectures. NJUPT also has delegated many staff abroad to attend international conferences in order to process academic exchange. NJUPT has developed the joint programs with 11 universities abroad including Queen Mary College, University of London, UK, New York Institute of Technology, USA, etc. to cultivate talents in the field of information technology. NJUPT has promoted its reputation internationally through hosting many international and regional academic conferences. As one of the training bases for Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) since 1990, NJUPT has operated 20 training program open to 26 countries and areas.   
  In order to meet the needs for high-quality talents with the development of social economy and to promote the internationalization of higher education, supported by key majors and related majors in famous universities abroad, NJUPT has started some China-foreign joint education programs aiming at domestic students, recruited foreign students to study in NJUPT, and jointly cultivated undergraduates in the fields of science, engineering and management. 
  NJUPT training target is to utilize joint programs to cultivate students into high-level international talents who are familiar with Chinese and western culture, have the ability of scientific research and making full use of his talents, have strong competitiveness in global talents market, have independent thinking, innovative ability and teamwork spirit, have good communication skills in English, and be fully qualified for the jobs in the fields of advanced technology or administration.
  On the educational level, NJUPT now focuses on education for undergraduates, develops graduate education gradually and extends education for foreign students actively. At present, NJUPT has founded NJUPT-NYIT International College for Bachelor’s Degree, and the joint Master’s Degree program with Polytechnic Institute of New York University as well as with Queen Mary, University of London.
  The education philosophy is as follows: the specialty establishment shall keep step with the international need; the course setting shall take both parties’ characteristic and advantage into consideration; the cultivation shall aim at cultivating internationalized talents, establishing brand of NJUPT talents, namely high-level talents with solid basic and broad knowledge, strong practice ability, high comprehensive quality, the innovative spirit and international horizon. NJUPT will continue to broaden international cooperation and exchange, learn advanced education experience, attract good quality education sources, seek for and improve effective modes and good system of international talent cultivation.
  Under the new situation of learning and practicing the scientific concept of development, NJUPT will consistently follow the way of internationalized development, push forward international cooperation and exchange, and offer power and support to NJUPT overall development.
  With the development of international exchange, more and more international universities and research institutes and organizations have visited NJUPT, held academic lectures, carried out academic exchange and discussed the cooperation with NJUPT. NJUPT international cooperation & exchange promote the updating of knowledge system of each discipline, apply the foremost knowledge for undergraduate education, and improve NJUPT education and teaching level.
  Department of Overseas Cooperation and Exchange is a functional department of NJUPT which is responsible for foreign affairs and development of international exchange and cooperation. It is also a centralized department for the work of executing national foreign affairs policy, international education policy and managing all the foreign affairs of the university. The department is also the main medium dealing with the international cooperation and exchange as well as burdening the dual responsibilities of policy stringent screening and foreign affairs management. The functions for the department are: Management, Guidance, Coordination and Service.
  Under the leadership of NJUPT authorities, centralizing in teaching, scientific research and specialties development, Department of Overseas Cooperation and Exchange is responsible for working out the comprehensive scheme for international exchange and cooperation for NJUPT, executing the foreign affairs policy of NJUPT, coordinating the international academic exchange affairs of NJUPT. According to the demands and ideas for serving the key discipline, key lab, key project and talents cultivation, NJUPT focuses on the comprehensive development scheme and plan, actively innovates, strengthens the exchange and cooperation with the well-known universities and academic institutes worldwide, promotes the teaching, scientific research and management level, improves the international reputation of NJUPT, and serves the construction and development of NJUPT.
  Department of Overseas Cooperation and Exchange is responsible for the works such as organization and coordination of the international cooperation and exchange, the management of international academic conference, management of long-period and short-period foreign experts, contact with teaching and scientific research institutes in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan areas, and the extension of exchange and cooperation with the education institutes there.
  Governments, universities and scientific research institutes all over the world, NJUPT is sincerely expecting your visits to NJUPT as well as to give lectures, develop academic exchange and scientific research cooperation with NJUPT. Students all over the world are welcomed to study in NJUPT to get doctor’s degree, master’s degree and bachelor’s degree.
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